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The Danish EU presidency 2012

Europe needs targeted focus on the global competitiveness. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council wants Denmark to take steps to ensure that consideration for Europe’s global competitiveness serves as the guiding principle for all new initiatives and regulations.

Globalisation entails fiercer competition in the global markets, and growth is currently being realised outside Europe. Demographic trends will also represent a huge challenge for all EU Member States – not least in terms of government finances.

We cannot regulate our way out of that situation. Hence, the EU needs to respond strategically and in a targeted manner to solve the challenge of growth in Europe. We do not need small new measures, but to incorporate the element of the competitiveness of businesses into all common EU policies. A prime example is the EU’s agricultural and food policy, which is to be tied to the EU growth strategy: Europe 2020. Only by doing so can the potentials existing in agricultural and food production as well as in the fields of climate and environment be harnessed.

If Europe – headed by the Danish presidency – does not show responsibility and drive, we can expect a future characterised by stagnation and recession. This being the case, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council recommends that focus be directed towards 10 strategic key priority areas over the next year.

10 Key priority areas of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council

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10 Key priority areas